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Cloud Computing:

My exploration of this new realm of on-line-only computing… SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, server and desktop virtualization, VDI, outsourcing, infrastructure, networking and anything else that fits into this very broad and exciting topic area.


I have been a fairly dedicated Linux user for  the last 6 or 7 years.  By necessity I have spent a lot of time with the Microsoft products and I find much of the Linux world just as powerful, as easy to use and with a higher return on every IT dollar spent.  Topics covered here will include Linux distros (particularly those oriented around Ubuntu and Red Hat), free and/or open source software, tips, tricks and advocacy for use.


Though I am a staunch believer in Linux as a “nextgen” OS for most businesses, I have spent most of my professional IT career working with and supporting Microsoft operating systems and applications.  I have had the distinct honor of having been a Windows v1.0 user and a MSDOS v1.0 user (using the original IBM PC).  Microsoft continues to “advance” their products and I need to continue to follow these changes.

Science & Nature:

I was a Science major in college (B.S. in Biology), spent time in both the Peace Corps and here in the States as a Middle School Science teacher and have a real passion for anything that could be called “scientific”.  Having spent most of my life living in the very rural state of Vermont, I also have a keen interest in nature and the environment.


My wife has often wondered why I can sit for hours watching the Weather Channel… weather is fascinating!


Just about anything else that catches my fancy or that I feel like talking about… could be “anything”…